An inspiring autobiography in which Jackie provides unique insights into the challenges that arose in many of the local and international races in which he competed, quoting media reports to provide independent opinions. Much of the where, how, and why in this work is taken directly from the detailed diaries he has maintained throughout his running career.

During his many years as a long-distance runner, Jackie competed in 403 races of under standard marathon distance; 41 standard marathons (won 14) in South Africa, Canada (Empire Games), England, Scotland, Greece and Finland; and 32 ultra marathons (won 13, including Comrades, Pieter Korkie and London to Brighton). He set new records in many of these events. Jackie also set world records on the track for 30, 40 and 50 miles running against the clock.

His narrative adds substantial value to the broad long-distance run­ning community, from those runners taking their first tentative steps on the road, to middle-of-the-field competitors and elite athletes at the pinnacle of their game. 

Running Alone is Jackie’s magnum opus. It was 45 years in the making.

With a foreword by Professor Timothy Noakes.

What others say

Jackie’s book is an inspiring story of triumph over unusual adversity. It is written with the same integrity and honesty that defined his running. His story is a moving testimony of how to achieve the well-lived life. Without regrets.”
Professor Tim Noakes, world-renowned sport scientist

If you’re a runner, you will immediately admire the tenacity, determination and energy that Jack poured into becoming the best of the best. This despite setbacks and disappointments that would have crushed ordinary mortals.”
Professor John Gear

From adversity to greatness: the inspiring true life story of a Comrades Marathon gentleman, legend, five-times champion and friend.
Mick Winn, former Chairman, Comrades Marathon Association

Jackie’s story is an absolute must for every serious marathon runner. His is a story worth telling. I enjoyed every page.”
Bruce Fordyce, winner of nine Comrades Marathons

A wonderful life story which had to be told for the sake of South African sport in general and SA road running in particular.”
Tommy Malone, former Comrades Marathon winner

Jackie’s story is an integral part of the legacy of South African distance running and an invaluable golden thread in the rich tapestry of the Comrades Marathon.”
Bob de la Motte, Comrades gold medallist (5:26) and author of “Runaway Comrade”