Why publish under the Quickfox imprint?

A one-stop solution

The Quickfox imprint offers a one-stop book production and publishing service for discerning authors, experts, thought leaders and businesses who wish to publish independently. As your publishing partner, we offer our input each step of the way, creating books that reflect well on you and your brand. All books published meet the stringent quality criteria for bricks-and-mortar bookstore distribution and media reviews.

Whether you choose to sell through bookstores or distribute privately to your own network of clients and stakeholders, the Quickfox imprint allows you to retain full ownership and control of your book and message. You also keep 100% of all profits derived from sales.

Mass market and customised publishing options

While most of our projects are pretty straightforward and follow a standard publishing and distribution process typical of mass market titles, we also offer tailored approaches for projects that fall outside the gamut of standard publishing. Such projects may include: any book or publication that requires brand synthesis, series development, companion books, books requiring specialised finishes, variable data projects, and niche or cross-border distribution, as examples.

We can also manage the design, production and printing of complimentary products such as game boards, card packs, packaging, marketing and promotional materials, and digital products such as digimags and interactive multimedia ebooks. We can even build author websites with e-commerce functionality.

Our range of services

Our services are itemised below, although many of them are engaged as part of a typical publishing workflow, which we manage on your behalf.

  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Translating
  • Cover design
  • Interior design, layout and formatting
  • Scanning and DTP artwork
  • Illustrations
  • Permissions sourcing
  • ISBN assignment and barcode generation
  • Legal Deposit submission
  • File conversion into all major ebook formats
  • File preparation and print-ready PDF files compatible with Amazon, Ingrams, and local printers
  • Short-run digital and longer-run offset printing
  • Local and international ebook and print distribution
  • Marketing and publicity
  • General consulting and project management
  • Resurrecting out-of-print-titles
  • Producing complimentary products such as board games, cards, and packaging
  • Designing and printing marketing collateral such as business cards, roll-up banners, book flyers, launch invites, posters, and author websites.

Some services are provided in-house, while others are provided by strategic partners and freelancers, as is typical in the publishing industry. We can link you up directly with some of our service partners, or we can engage and manage them on your behalf. The choice is yours.

Are you a good Quickfox candidate?

The Quickfox solution requires a budget that covers the professional services required to create a quality product, so this option would not suit authors who are on a budget. For authors choosing the Quickfox solution, rest assured knowing that because we understand the economics of publishing and selling books, we will always offer the most cost-effective option available.

Good candidates for the Quickfox solution are authors and companies who —

  • value professional input and want a high-quality product
  • are using the book for personal/professional branding or to establish authority in their field
  • have relatively easy or direct access to their potential readers
  • require the option of bookstore distribution as part of their sales strategy
  • seek positive media reviews
  • would prefer to work with a friendly, pro-active team who are hands-on
  • would like to play an active role in the publishing process or, conversely, would enjoy peace of mind in handing over their manuscript and having us drive the entire process to completion.

You have a limited budget – now what?

We certainly don’t want to leave you behind. After all, we started this business to give authors a voice, regardless of their financial circumstances.

If your publishing requirements are relatively straightforward, you may want to consider Yes!Press, our budget-friendly, package-based solution that will have your print and ebook edition published and available for sale worldwide.

What kinds of books does Quickfox publish?

Our projects have been varied, and we’ve published everything from poetry, fiction and autobiographies, to full-colour coffee-table books, handbooks, business and self-development books, leadership titles, mind-body-spirit books, magazines and quarterly journals. We have even produced academic and educational books! While we are able to tackle most projects, our preference is for non-fiction as it is here that the Quickfox imprint offers the greatest value.

We especially enjoy working on books that add value to people’s lives – books that impact them in positive ways – whether it’s through skills and knowledge acquisition, self-development, motivation, inspiration, or empowerment.

You like what you see – how do you get started?

Our journey begins with a complimentary, no-obligation publishing consultation where we familiarise ourselves with your project requirements and answer any questions you may have about publishing independently. We discuss things like your target audience/market, publishing vision, budget, time availability, and other resources that you can bring to the table. If we feel that a manuscript evaluation would prove beneficial, we will suggest one at this point. If you’d prefer an evaluation prior to your consultation, feel free to request one by clicking the button below.

If we both feel that we’re a good fit and you’re keen to move forward, the information gleaned from this initial consultation will help guide the setting up of a realistic budget and publishing proposal. An additional meeting is set prior to publishing to iron out further queries and outline the journey ahead.






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