We have an editorial team who can help you with a range of professional editorial services. All our team members have had extensive experience working for major educational and trade publishers, as well as household-name magazines. We also have writers and journalists on our books who specialise in business writing and web content writing and development.

Editing and proofreading

Standard edit

Apart from the usual checks for grammar, punctuation and spelling, standard editing also checks for factual errors, plot holes, limited characterisation, syntactical problems and structural errors. This type of editing is the minimum recommended level of editing when publishing a book.

Comprehensive edit

A comprehensive edit includes all the functions of a standard edit, but also focuses on the manuscript’s intended use and target market, as well as the internal organisation, design, style and flow of information or narrative. It ensures completeness, accuracy, consistency, conciseness, readability and most especially clarity — everything must be so clear that it cannot be misunderstood.

This is the most expensive form of editing because the editor engages with the material at the deepest level — checking for factual accuracy and copyright issues, referencing material appropriately, compiling an index, and pre-empting a range of potential issues.


This is normally done after the first page proofs have been produced — a comprehensive or standard edit will already have been done. The sentence structure, flow, development and content should be sound but the manuscript may simply need another check for punctuation, grammar and spelling errors that may have slipped through, as well as errors that may have crept in during the typesetting stage such as incorrect heading levels, incorrect page number references, and so on.

How do I obtain an editing or proofreading quote?

To receive a quote for our editorial services you need to supply the following, either by email or by completing our online quote request

  • Three representative chapters (or the full manuscript depending on service required)
  • Table of contents
  • Synopsis of the book
  • Total word count of manuscript
  • Intended target market

Editing quotes take approximately 1–2 working days to generate.

Writing services

Business editorial services

Quickfox Publishing offers an editorial service for businesses that cannot afford to be misunderstood, or that wish to appear professional and conscientious about how they represent themselves and their brands through communication.

We also offer a design, production and print service that presents you and your written word in a way that is in keeping with your corporate image. This ensures that a consistent, strong and unified message is communicated both internally to your staff and externally to shareholders and customers. Furthermore, we can refer you to excellent brand, marketing and reputation managers to ensure that your company brand is protected and promoted.

Technical writing

Our freelance technical writers can tackle most standard subjects. Whether it’s operating instructions for a product you manufacture or a computer software user guide, we have the writers to do it. Our team can also turn your technical manuals into online guides and sellable courseware and have had extensive experience designing and writing courseware for large, global training companies.

Commercial copywriting

We offer commercial copywriting and can help you with your book cover blurbs, press releases, magazine and newsletter content, website content, instruction book copy, product catalogue copy, training manual text, sales brochures, advertising copy, and more. Whatever your commercial writing needs, our team can deliver.




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