Reach a global market with ebook publishing

Now you can reach an international market quickly and cost-effectively. With just the click of a button, a client in some obscure, faraway place can purchase and download your book on their tablet, smartphone, e-reader or computer if they have an internet connection.

Our one-stop ebook publishing and distribution service makes publishing your ebook easy. Best of all, you earn 100% of the net profit on the global sales of each book – forever. You also have full control over your accounts, where you can monitor your book sales, change your pricing, add author information, run sales campaigns, and check your earnings whenever you want to.

All of our services are backed by hands-on customer support. We’re just an email or phone call away.


Features of our ebook publishing service

  • Simple and affordable pricing.
  • Correct file preparation for proper ebook conversion.
  • Ebook files that conform with industry best practices and bookstore requirements.
  • Reflowable Kindle and ePub formats, as well as fixed layout KF8 (Kindle), fixed layout ePub3 (for non-Amazon stores), PDF ebooks, and Digimags.
  • eBook files that are tested before they are uploaded.
  • The ease of having us upload your files for distribution through major online stores. We set your metadata, pricing, royalty options, and more.
  • ISBN assignment for each ebook version.
  • Representation in the world’s largest ebook retailers – you select which ones you want.
  • 100% profit from the sale of all books after bookstore discounts have been deducted.
  • DRM protection for Kindle, ePub & PDF.
  • Full ownership and control of your bookstore accounts including pricing, book details, and monthly sales reports.
  • Convenient pay-as-you-go add-on services.
  • Optional high quality editorial, design, interior formatting and ebook-to-print services.
  • Full customer support.

Why use Quickfox’s ebook conversion service?

Each file is correctly prepared and formatted before conversion, and then checked after conversion to ensure that the content renders correctly across different devices. If there are any issues, we dig into the HTML coding and make the necessary fixes. As a professional production service, our priority is to ensure that book buyers have a satisfying reading experience. A happy customer is more likely to generate referrals for your current book, and repeat business for your next.

When it comes to non-fiction ebook conversions, we don’t just convert – we check your book formatting first to ensure that it will translate into a user-friendly and functional ebook, allowing you the opportunity to make additional layout adjustments to ensure easy reading and logical flow of content on the e-reading device. Critical input of this kind is generally not offered by run-of-the-mill ebook conversion services. We can also assist with the layout adaptation of your book to be more ebook friendly and functional.

We offer all major ebook format options: reflowable ebooks (Kindle & ePub), fixed layout ebooks (Kindle KF8 and ePub3), PDF and Digimag format.

ISBN assignment

You can choose a platform-assigned ISBN (e.g. one assigned by Amazon or Smashwords) or you can obtain your own ISBN, which will be linked to your name. Should you choose the latter, we can apply for one on your behalf, insert the ISBN into your ebook metadata, and take care of your Legal Deposit submissions to the National Library of South Africa.

Cover design and editing

Do you still need editing services, cover design, and book interior formatting? Try Quickfox Pro, our full publishing solution, or Quickfox Go, our a la carte services option.

How long does ebook publishing take?

Basic text-only ebook conversions (fiction and simple non-fiction) and uploading onto international platforms can take anything from 5–10 working days. More complex conversions can take 10–15 working days.

Bear in mind that while some stores will display your book on their shelves relatively quickly (Amazon takes from 8 to 12 hours to go live) other stores may take slightly longer.

How much does it cost?

We offer various ebook publishing and distribution packages depending on your needs, some of which allow you to add your print-on-demand distribution to the ebook package. Preferential pricing is offered to clients using our Quickfox Pro publishing solution.

Should you wish to know more about the distribution options best-suited to your book taking your target market, genre and pricing into account, we recommend a half-hour or full-hour publishing consultation.



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