Reach a global market with ebook publishing

Our one-stop ebook publishing and distribution service makes publishing your ebook easy. Reach new customers all over the world quickly and cost-effectively through our expansive distribution network of more than 39,000 retailers and libraries.

Best of all, you earn 100% of the net profit on global sales of each book – forever. You also have full control over your accounts. You can monitor your book sales, change your pricing, add author information, run sales campaigns, and check your earnings whenever you want to.

All our services are backed by personalised, one-on-one customer support. We’re just an email or phone call away.




Features of our custom ebook publishing service

  • Global distribution through the world’s largest ebook retailers.
  • File preparation and conversion into all major ebook formats – reflowable Kindle and ePub, as well as fixed layout KF8 (Kindle), fixed layout ePub3 (for non-Amazon stores), PDF ebooks and Digibooks.
  • Ebook files that conform with industry best practices and bookstore requirements.
  • International distribution account/s set up in your name, giving you full ownership, access and control.
  • Easily access and change your book pricing, book details, keywords, and more.
  • Easily access your global monthly sales reports.
  • Your choice of platform-assigned ISBNs or your own ISBNs.
  • Earn 100% of net profit, paid directly into your account.
  • Free DRM protection.
  • Convenient pay-as-you-go, add-on services such as editing, proofreading, cover design and print-on-demand.
  • Full customer support.

Why use Quickfox’s custom ebook conversion service?

As a professional production service, our priority is to ensure that your book displays correctly across a range of devices, and that your customers have a satisfying experience. A happy customer is more likely to generate referrals for your current book, and repeat business for your next one. A dissatisfied customer, on the other hand, can quickly scupper your promotional efforts by posting a negative review.

With non-fiction ebook conversions, we don’t just convert – we first check your book formatting to ensure that it will translate well into a user-friendly and functional ebook. Critical input of this kind is generally not offered by run-of-the-mill or automatic ebook conversion services. We also choose the ebook format best suited to your book and the distribution platform being used, considering at the same time your target market, financial and distribution goals.

Do you have a fiction or simple non-fiction book?

Get to market quickly and affordably with our Yes!Press publishing solution! The package includes everything you need from manuscript preparation and conversion to international distribution setup on Amazon. You also have the option of expanded ebook distribution to other global retailers, libraries and subscription services. You can start selling your ebook within as little as two to three weeks. 

Design and editorial services

Do you still need editorial services, cover design, and book interior formatting for a professional ebook-reading experience? We provide a range of pay-as-you go production and editorial services to help you get your ebook into tip-top shape.

How long does ebook publishing take?

Basic text-only ebook conversions (fiction, biographies and simple non-fiction) with international distribution setup can take anything from 10–15 working days. More complex projects may take 10–20 working days. An estimated timeline will be provided before the start of the project.

How much does it cost?

Ebook publishing costs vary depending on the length of the manuscript, the ebook format/s required, the complexity of the conversion, and the distribution platforms you wish to sell through. Non-fiction and design- or layout-driven ebooks are also typically more expensive to publish than fiction or simple text ebooks.


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