Reach a global market with ebook publishing

Now you can reach an international market without the challenges of printing and heavy distribution costs. With just the click of a button, a client in some obscure, faraway place can purchase and download your book onto their e-reader, tablet, smartphone or computer if they have an internet connection.

Our one-stop ebook publishing service makes publishing your ebook really easy. Simply hand over your manuscript and we do the rest – ISBN assignment, cover adaptation or design, file conversion into Kindle and ePub, and online listing and distribution of your ebook through the world’s largest online stores.

Best of all, you earn 100% of the net profit on the global sales of each book – forever. We open the distribution accounts on your behalf, upload your book and hand full control of the accounts over to you. You can monitor your book sales, change your pricing, add author information, run sales campaigns, and check your earnings whenever you want to. For the less tech-savvy authors out there, we’ll also provide you with a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to access your account and navigate your way around the most important functions of your account.

Why use Quickfox’s ebook conversion service?

Each file is correctly prepared and formatted before conversion, and then checked after conversion to ensure that the content renders correctly across different devices. If there are any issues, we dig into the HTML coding and make the necessary fixes. As a professional production service, our priority is to ensure that book buyers have a satisfying and easy reading experience. A well-prepared ebook provides this experience and creates a happy customer who is more likely to generate referrals for your current book, and repeat business for your next.

When it comes to non-fiction ebook conversions, we don’t just convert – we check your book formatting first to ensure that it will translate into a user-friendly and functional ebook, allowing you the opportunity to make additional layout adjustments to ensure easy reading and logical flow of content on the e-reading device. Critical input of this kind is generally not offered by online or ‘cheap’ ebook conversion services. We can also assist with the content and layout adaptation of your book to be more ebook friendly and functional.

How long does ebook publishing take?

Ebook conversion and online availability can take anything from 2–6 weeks depending on the complexity of the conversion and the distribution outlets you choose. Availability on Amazon for instance is very quick, taking 12–24 hours to go live from the time of publishing. Distribution through Apple’s iBookstore on the other hand can take from one to three or four weeks. From a production perspective, complex ebooks, such as recipe and academic books, take longer to prepare and convert than fiction or simple non-fiction books.

ISBN assignment

You have a choice of using a platform-assigned ISBN (e.g. one assigned by Amazon) or obtaining your own, which will be linked to your name. Should you choose the latter, we can apply for one on your behalf and insert the ISBN into your ebook metadata.

Cover design and editing

For your ebook to be accepted into the Premium Catalogue for international distribution through the world’s major online stores, your cover will need to look professional. It also goes without saying that your book should be edited before you make it available to the general public; an unedited book will be difficult to sell because book sales are stimulated mostly by positive customer experiences, which in turn leads to positive reviews and recommendations.

We offer professional cover design, interior formatting, editing and proofreading services to help take your book to the next level.

Features of our ebook conversion and publishing packages

  • Simple and affordable package pricing.
  • Correct file preparation for proper ebook conversion.
  • Files that conform to stringent online store requirements.
  • eBooks that offer a pleasurable reader experience.
  • eBook files that are tested before they are uploaded.
  • The ease of having us upload your files for distribution through major online stores.
  • ISBN assignment for each ebook version.
  • 100% of net profit from the sale of all books.
  • Full ownership and control of your bookstore accounts including pricing, book details, and monthly sales reports.
  • listing at no extra cost.
  • Convenient pay-as-you-go add-on services.
  • Optional editorial, design and ebook-to-print services.
  • Full customer support, recommendations and guidance.



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