Need printing? We offer long-run litho and short-run digital printing to suit your project and print volumes. We handle the printing of most products, from high quality full colour coffee table books and trade paperbacks, to business and educational books, annual reports, catalogues and magazines. If it can be printed, we do it.

We understand printing. We combine a strong background in graphic design with extensive experience in print production and knowledge of the book trade to offer you expert advice on papers, paper thickness, binding and finishing options, cost-effective page counts, and the most suitable process for your book based on your quality requirements, budget and the number of copies you intend printing. This is especially important when producing high quality books or when printing in larger quantities, as poor decisions and mistakes can prove extremely costly.

When using our print management services, you can be assured of a final product that you will feel proud of and that meets the stringent requirements for bookstore distribution, worldwide.

Choosing between litho and digital printing

Litho printing

Litho is generally recommended for print quantities greater than 750 books, and for full colour work. This includes full colour childrens’ books and coffee table books. Litho is also recommended for authors intending to distribute through bookstores because the unit cost per book on the higher volumes is usually very much lower. It also offers greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness in terms of binding and finishing options.

Digital printing

Digital is best suited to smaller print quantities of 1–750 books. It is ideal for small scale distribution through a single third party and for direct-to-customer sales. It is not recommended for full colour work or jobs requiring specialist finishes, nor for books that will only be distributed through bookstores. If bookstore distribution is necessary, then authors will need to recover their production costs through direct-to-customer sales or sponsorships.

Quotation turnaround time

Digital: quotes may take 1–2 working days

Litho: quotes may take 2–3 working days to generate, depending on the complexity of the job.

Complex jobs; those that require a selection of different printing options or non-standard finishes; and prices being sourced overseas for best economy, will likely take longer.

Printing turnaround time

Once files have been received and the printer’s proof has been signed off, the following timelines should be factored in to your schedule:

  • Digital: 5–7 working days, excl. delivery
  • Litho: 7–15 working days for softcover books; 15–20 working days for hardcover books, excl. delivery

If books are being printed overseas, expect a 2,5 month lead time from start of printing to delivery of a final printed product at a South African port. If you are considering an offshore option, production and printing must be planned well in advance.

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Our easy printing, delivery and online distribution process

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Our work doesn’t stop with printing. Quickfox Publishing is the official operator of – South Africa’s leading online bookstore for books published independently.

When printing is complete, we upload your listing and keep copies aside from your print run for order fulfilment, ensuring that your book is available for sale the moment it leaves the press.

When selling through, you earn 70% of the retail price on each book sold as opposed to 30% when selling through regular bookstores. Simply visit to find out more, or download the Online Listing Application Form and submit it.

We can also handle multi-consignment bulk deliveries from the print factory to you, your distributor, schools, clinics, and clients.

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