A remarkable true story of adventure and survival int he Amazon Jungle.

The Amazon Project was an attempted solo and unsupported navigation of the Amazon River, from its source high in the Peruvian Andes to the eventual reaching of the Atlantic Ocean on Brazils coastline, by hiking, cycling and paddling.

The project was focused on promoting individualized responsibility and action towards the many issues faced by the natural world, in a bid to encourage individuals to assess their own lifestyles and see what changes could be made to result in potential benefits through the natural world and climatic environment. Davey had also united with a research organisation, Adventurers & Scientists For Conservation, collaborating in collecting data in the Amazon area.

The 6700 kilometre journey was expected to take 5 months, however after navigating over 2000 kilometres of the Amazon River and 2 months into the project, Davey was attacked by two men within the Jungles of Peru.

The attack transformed the adventure into a life and death struggle to survive as Davey made his way wounded through the jungle, seeking safety and rescue after escaping the attackers but still with severe injuries, sustained by being shot four times.

What resulted from the Amazon Project was an incredible survival story of how strangers from within the isolated jungles united together to ensure Davey a safe passage through the jungle and eventually to hospital.

Davey’s book ‘Choosing To Live’ shares his experiences in the jungle and provides a tangible aspect to a true story of the unlimited power within human compassion.