Many of us find ourselves unable to deal with the problems that life throws at us. Whether it is professional or personal disappointment, unexpected tragedies or long-lasting difficulties, too often we feel overwhelmed. According to spiritual teacher and international best-selling author, Ryuho Okawa, the way to deal with these situations is with an unshakable mind. In this book, he describes ways to build inner confidence and achieve spiritual growth, adopting a spiritual perspective as the basis.

Viewed from a spiritual standpoint, life is a workbook for developing the soul. With a willingness to learn from everything that life presents you with, good and bad, any difficulty can be transformed.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: The Iceberg of Life
Chapter 2: The Principle of Accumulation
Chapter 3: Confronting Anxiety and Distress
Chapter 4: Spiritual Influences As the Cause of Suffering
Chapter 5: Overcoming Negative Influences
Chapter 6: An Unshakable Mind

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