Building a reputation is all about consistency. Whether you are ­being unfailingly consistent or consistently unpredictable, you are in the ­process of building a reputation for yourself. A consistently positive stakeholder experience builds reliability, which builds trust, and ultimately establishes a strong and positive ­reputation.

It is important to have the right building blocks in place to build a solid reputation. This book will guide you on how to build your ­organisation’s reputation so that you can be the business that people want to do business with.

From an academic and experiential point of view, Regine le Roux is best placed to help you identify and formulate solutions that work. This book is her step-by-step guide to building, managing, growing and maintaining a corporate reputation that reflects a company’s true values and ethics. It focuses on ten dimensions that have considerable impact on reputation, such as strategic intent, operational governance, human and operational capital, strategic alliances, social responsibility, value offering, business results and the glue that ties it all together, corporate dialogue.

It’s not all theory – Reputation Matters is distinctly South African. It speaks directly to businesses operating in our challenging South African context, giving real-life examples and solutions that resonate with every South African business person’s experience.