Women’s month #authorsadvice – Nicolette Lodge


Writing a book can seem like an incredibly daunting task. Nicolette Lodge, author of “Forgiveness” has this valuable piece of advice to share this #womensmonth:

“You have to write every day. This single piece of advice was the magic wand that took me from a once-a-week blogger to a self-published author. 

or two, you must start reading from the beginning again because you lose the thread and the flow. So, come weekend, you still need to be disciplined to sit at the computer, if only for an hour, just to knock out a few hundred words to keep the momentum going.

When you write daily you sort of get into the zone and the words just flow.

Once I had set myself the target of an 85,000-word book with approximately 350 words per page, it was simple math. I estimated that if I were to write a minimum of 1000 words a day, it was possible to complete my first book in eighty-five days, or three months. As it turned out, I wrote a much longer book of about 120,000 words. I had a three-month forced stoppage mid-writing because of life challenges, but I completed my book in nine months.”

Making any task manageable is one way to overcome the hurdle. You can purchase Nicolette’s book from @publisher.co.za