Women’s month #authorsadvice – Susan Rae Fox


When we asked writer Susan Rae Fox, author of “Where The True Lies”, for her advice to #femalewriters out there, here’s what she had to say:

“The most important thing a writer can do is turn up for work. 

Make writing a daily ritual. Devote as many hours to your craft as you can. Discipline is key. Write when your brain is wired, early morning or late at night, whatever works best. Don’t wait for inspiration, get your thoughts on paper. Don’t freeze when you get stuck – keep moving and come back to the problem later. Don’t be intimidated. Your first chapters are a draft – tell your story without over-thinking or deliberating over every word. 

Then, when your draft is complete, go to the beginning and start again. Keep rewriting, day after day, week after week, until you are satisfied and then return to page one and slash and burn every unnecessary adjective until the end. Keep your voice unique, your prose tight and your story honest. Writing is hard work but the reward of holding your first published book in your hands is priceless.”

Where the True Lies is available from @publisher.co.za