Welcome to our new-look website!

Quickfox Publishing is proud to announce the launch of our new-look website! Although we received numerous compliments on our previous site – mostly for its clean, easy layout and the quality of the content – our new site is responsive and easier to navigate on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets which, apparently, is how the world navigates the web these days. Our old website was also looking very dated and did not accurately reflect our forward-thinking and progressive brand.

A change is as good as a holiday, as they say, so we’ve made the change! However, we’re cautious about changing what works, so much of our valuable content has remained, but we have refined and updated it. Previously our tutorials section was only accessible by subscribers, but we have decided to keep it open to everyone for the first two months of our relaunch phase. We trust you will enjoy the articles – kept brief because we know you are busy people – and have a clearer idea of the publishing process.

On this new site, we introduce you to additional members of our team, Michelle Bovey-Wood and Rachel Bey-Miller. They have been working for Quickfox for the past few years and continue to assist our authors with their evaluation and editorial needs. Lindsay Coetzer (neé Green) joined Quickfox as a publishing intern and has become a fully-fledged, permanent member of Quickfox. She is our authors’ first point of contact and assists with much of the quoting, customer service, production and traffic management. Georgina Hatch, one of our key consultants, relocated to Ireland at the end of last year, so consultations with her are now done using only Skype. In fact, most of our author consultations in the past have been conducted through Skype as the bulk of our clients come from all over South Africa; we also have clients in Namibia, Australia, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and the USA. Having said that, Cape Town is a beautiful city and always welcomes you, so if you ever want to meet up in person and make a trip up Table Mountain or visit the bustling V&A Waterfront while you’re at it, we’d love to see you. Find out more about our team and their roles within Quickfox.

Before I sign off, if you would like to share information with other authors, such as tips, competitions, book awards, book fairs, and the like, please email us your articles or information – if we feel that they will enlighten and help other authors, we will add them to our blog section.

We wish all our website visitors and authors an awesome and successful 2018!

The Quickfox Team