Women’s month #authorsadvice – Theresa Walstra


This #womensmonth, we wanted to share advice from those women who have leaped to self-publish with us here at Quickfox, and their top tips to inspire and encourage YOU to do the same.

This is what Theresa Walstra, co-author of Beloved Friend, has to say:

“The earthly life is such a short journey, but many will follow you for at least a portion of that journey.  If you can pass on experience and knowledge to encourage others on their journey and shine a little light to help by sharing your words … don’t let that opportunity go by.  No matter who you are, your words can prove to be valuable to someone out there.”

About the book:

In Beloved Friend, co-author Cindy Glass tells the story of her struggles in life after leaving an abusive and controlling marriage, and how she was led to meet with Spirit Guides, channelled through the mediumship of Theresa Walstra.

The first encounter is one filled with anxiety, but in time the relationship grows as they gently lead her towards her destiny and encourage her to find the strength she needs to make profound changes that will affect her life and the lives of others.

This is a true story using actual extracts from private consultations between Cindy and the Guides. It documents the events in Cindy’s life, showing how closer encounters with Spirit Guides can help to provide a better understanding of the earthly life and the choices that we make.

Find out more about Theresa and her work on www.theresawalstra.com.

“Beloved Friend” is available from @publisher.co.za