Why choose Quickfox Pro Publishing?

Quickfox Pro Publishing is a complete one-stop publishing solution for authors and companies requiring professional editing, production, printing and ebook publishing without the hassle of finding the right service providers and managing the process themselves.

We take care of everything from start to finish: we set the budget, select the right editor for the job and then manage the full production and printing process ensuring that all deliverables are met within deadline and to budget. We deliver your books to the national distribution warehouse and upload your ebook and print-on-demand files for international distribution. We also offer full author support and coaching for the duration of the project.

With Quickfox Pro Publishing your book will meet the trade quality standards required for media reviews, as well as bookstore and library distribution locally and internationally. Your book will reflect well on you within your industry, and among clients and peers.

As a bespoke publishing and production company we can tailor all our services to meet your particular project requirements, whatever they may be.

Are you a good Quickfox Pro candidate?

The Quickfox Pro Publishing solution requires a budget that typically covers the professional services required, so this option would not suit authors who are looking for a low- to no-cost publishing solution. However, we are well aware of the economic realities of publishing, so our focus is on keeping costs as low as realistically possible without compromising on quality.

Good candidates are authors and companies who meet any one or more of the following criteria:

  • have relatively easy or direct access to their potential readers
  • value professional workmanship and want a high quality product
  • require bookstore distribution and positive media response
  • are using the book for personal/professional branding or to establish authority in their field
  • would prefer to work with a friendly, pro-active team who are hands-on and ‘know their stuff’
  • would like the peace of mind of handing their manuscript over and having us drive the process to completion

What kinds of books do we publish?

Our projects have been varied, and we’ve helped publish everything from poetry, fiction and autobiographies, to full colour coffee table books, business books, magazines and quarterly journals. We have even produced academic and educational books! Thanks to our extensive network of affiliates and suppliers, we are able to tackle most projects – whether for personal or bookstore distribution.

You like what you see – how do you get started?

Publishing consultation

We support responsible publishing and believe in educating our clients about what they’re in for when they choose to go the independent route – before they commit financially. We therefore recommend starting with a publishing consultation in which we chat about your specific project and needs. We’ll look at your publishing vision, target market and budget. We’ll also give you an introduction to independent publishing – the challenges and benefits – so that you can see whether this option is going to work for you.

Our consultations are not designed to sell you our services but rather to point you in the right direction and pair you up with a publishing solution or partner that will best suit your needs. Should that happen to be us, your consultation fee is refunded by way of a credit towards your publishing costs.

Manuscript evaluation

We also recommend a manuscript evaluation. Traditional publishers won’t consider a publishing deal without first assessing the manuscript and its viability in the market. As a self-publishing author or company, you’re not required to sell the same volume of books that a mainstream publisher would, but you would still need a good, solid manuscript. An evaluation can provide the objective feedback you need to achieve this.