About us

Quickfox Publishing is a leading provider of assisted publishing services in South Africa, with flexible solutions to meet your unique publishing needs.

Our small yet dynamic company is headed by Vanessa Wilson, a book production specialist who worked for South Africa’s largest publishing groups for more than 18 years. She is also a published author – both traditionally and independently – with two titles reaching bestseller status in South Africa. Her experience on different sides of the publishing table motivated her to combine the best of both publishing models by offering, through the Quickfox imprint, respect for the client’s message and vision, while at the same time providing the editorial and production quality you’d expect from a big-name publisher.

The Yes!Press imprint was added in 2021 to accommodate authors with straightforward needs and smaller budgets. Quickfox Publishing lends its ‘guiding hand’ to ensure that books are produced to the best standards possible within the authors’ means.

We’re professional, we’re honest, and we care

We believe in responsible publishing and will always provide honest feedback and appropriate solutions to meet your publishing objectives. We also provide author support to remove the ‘overwhelm’ factor that often comes with publishing. As publishing professionals, our job is to make your publishing dream a reality, whether you’re an author publishing your life’s work, an academic sharing your research, or a business looking to impress your clients and gain a competitive edge in the market through authoritative publishing.

Professional production services

We have worked with some of South Africa’s largest educational, academic and trade (general audience) publishers and have deep experience in all aspects of production. We bring this knowledge and experience to every project that we handle, whether you choose our high-end Quickfox solution or our package-based Yes!Press option. We also work with a team of editorial service providers across different genres to provide strong editorial input and content that reaches its intended audience.

About our service options

We offer three convenient services:


This is our flagship, one-stop publishing solution aimed at discerning authors, experts, thought leaders and businesses who seek high quality production and publishing services. Projects can range from the simple and straightforward to the highly customised and niche. Clients receive hands-on, high-level consulting and support.

Books are published under the respected Quickfox imprint, but can also be published under the client’s imprint or brand. Publishing costs are provided on a job-by-job basis.


This is our simplified package-based publishing solution for authors who are ready to publish, but have tight budgets. It offers everything most authors need to make their books available for sale locally and through the world’s major stores, such as Amazon – in print and ebook format.

Books are published under the Yes!Press imprint, but can also be published under the client’s name or brand. In special cases, authors may be invited to publish under the Quickfox imprint – at no extra cost – if the book meets the Quickfox imprint guidelines and quality standards.

À la carte services

Previously called Quickfox Go, you choose only the services that you need. Books are published under the author’s name or client’s brand, although you may publish under the Quickfox imprint if your book meets our Quickfox imprint guidelines and quality standards. Email us your publishing, production, ebook or print requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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