Before going ahead with publishing it is highly recommended that you first have your manuscript evaluated. In the evaluation we look at your manuscript from the viewpoint of a reader and a publisher, and we provide valuable feedback that you can use to improve your manuscript and get it into the best possible shape before you go ahead with the publishing process.

An evaluation will typically include:

  • A synopsis of both the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript
  • A general readability assessment of the manuscript, focusing on language, grammar and tone, pacing, and voice using examples from your text to illustrate points made
  • Commentary of narrative outline, word choices and sentence structure, looking for and assessing ambiguity, contradictions (as applicable)
  • Overall assessment of structure – how your book fits together, with examples and questions highlighted for the author
  • Tone and characterisation assessment (as applicable)
  • Suitability for the target audience and whether the content has been dealt with in a manner that helps position the material for success in the marketplace, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement
  • General comments and input; this will include an assessment of the current state and readiness of the manuscript to proceed to publication (if you intend publishing through Quickfox, we will also include its viability to carry the Quickfox imprint)

We offer two types of evaluation:

Express review

This is a cost-effective option if you’re a new writer and would like some general guidance regarding the quality of your writing, recurring grammar errors, and other obvious concerns that can be worked on before submitting the manuscript for a full evaluation or editing. This evaluation typically looks at just three sample chapters of the book or the first 30–50 pages. Comments may be provided in the sample chapters themselves or the editor will write a short 1–2 page report, or both – depending on who is doing the evaluating. The disadvantage of the express evaluation is that the evaluator cannot identify problems that may occur later in the book, such as a weak ending, inadequate follow-through on concepts or plot, weak characters, timeline problems, or structural issues.

  • Investment: R2000

Full evaluation

This is the recommended option if your manuscript is complete and you’d like a proper assessment of all the items on our evaluation list before you engage the publishing process. The more work you can do as an author to perfect your manuscript, the cheaper your overall editing and proofreading costs are likely to be. An evaluation is worth gold as comprehensive feedback is provided and authors are able to see their work from another person’s perspective. This is the more expensive evaluation option as the entire manuscript is read and a lot of time is spent by the evaluator writing up the assessment and providing concrete examples from your manuscript where necessary. Our pricing is based on the length of the manuscript and is as follows:

  • <45 000 words: R4500
  • 45 000–85 000 words: R5500
  • 85 000–140 000 words: R6500


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