We offer a variety of ebook publishing packages to suit most authors’ needs.

Our ebook publishing and distribution packages assume that you have your ebook files ready for upload. We accept ePub, Kindle, and Word doc format. Word documents must be fully formatted and ready-to-go.

If you don’t have your ebook files ready, don’t stress. We offer high-quality, platform-compatible conversion into all major ebook formats. Read through our ebook tutorial to find out which format is right for your book.


Amazon ebook distribution with the option of expanded print-on-demand distribution

Amazon holds a large market share in ebook sales and is an excellent choice for authors publishing books that will be priced at $9.99 (pre-tax) or less. When this is the case, you will earn 70% for sales in most of Amazon’s marketplaces.


Amazon sells the Kindle format, which can be read on Amazon’s proprietary Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablet, and by using the free downloadable Kindle App for Mac and PC, Android and iOS. Books purchased through Amazon are seamlessly delivered directly to the book buyer’s Kindle device or App.

If your book is priced at $10 or higher, Amazon pays only 35%, and an alternative distribution option, such as IngramSpark, may be better suited to your book (don’t worry, IngramSpark also distributes to Amazon, and you will earn slightly more).

Amazon sells reflowable and fixed layout ebooks. For publishing, they accept prepared and formatted Word docs, ePub files (which are automatically converted to Kindle format on upload), and Kindle ebook files (mobi, azw, KF8). Amazon also offers print-on-demand publishing for a complete book publishing service.

*Amazon marketplace dependent (India, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico pay 35% unless your book is registered in the Kindle Select Program).

Files accepted: We accept KF8, mobi, azw and reflowable ePub ebook files for upload. We also accept formatted Word docs. Full specifications are provided on enquiry, as well as Word doc formatting guidelines for authors submitting Word docs. Want us to do the Word doc formatting for you? No problem, simply email us for a quote.


Expanded ebook distribution

Smashwords is an ebook aggregator that distributes ebooks to the world’s major online stores and libraries. Their service is best-suited to fiction and narrative non-fiction, although non-fiction with minimal formatting is also generally suitable.

You earn 60% for books sold through other retailers (mostly DRM-protected) and 80% for books sold through the Smashwords website (non-DRM-protected). All books loaded onto Smashwords for sale through other outlets are also automatically sold on the Smashwords platform. You must bear this in mind if DRM protection is important to you. Smashwords also accepts only reflowable ePub and Word doc files for upload.

Smashwords distributes to: Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, OverDrive, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Tolino, CloudLibrary, Odilo, Askews & Holts, Calisa, Fnac, Browns Books for Students, Livraria Cultura, Hive.co.za, Axis360, Blio.


Expanded ebook and print-on-demand distribution

IngramSpark is part of the Ingram Group, one of the largest global distributors that supplies 40000+ outlets, including Amazon. IngramSpark accepts reflowable ePub and fixed layout ePub files, however, fixed layout ebooks are only distributed to Apple and Kobo.

IngramSpark pays 40% of the retail price on all ebooks, regardless of selling price. All books are DRM-protected. This option is best-suited to books priced at $10 (pre-tax) or more that would typically drop down to a 35% royalty on Amazon, and that require broad, multi-retailer distribution beyond Amazon.

Ingramspark distributes to all the same retailers Smashwords distributes to, and many more.


Kobo books is one of the top five ebook retailers globally. They pay authors 70% of the retail price, offer DRM protection on all ebooks, and sell reflowable ePub, fixed layout ePub and PDF ebooks.


Their ebooks can be read on the proprietary Kobo e-readers, as well as on multiple devices on all major platforms – PC and Mac, Android and iOS – using the free downloadable Kobo App, or Adobe Digital Editions software. Kobo is a great option for authors with PDF ebooks, as distribution for DRM-protected PDF files is less readily available.