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We also offer a variety of solutions to meet your unique publishing needs, whether it be stand-alone book production services or a complete one-stop publishing solution.

With an extensive background in traditional publishing for South Africa’s largest publishing houses, we are able to offer professional trade-quality book production and printing that meets local and international bookstore standards. We believe in responsible publishing practices and will always provide honest feedback and appropriate solutions to meet your particular publishing objectives. Each project is assessed by our editorial and production team and, once accepted, is personally managed from start to finish.

We offer three basic services – Quickfox Pro, Yes!Press and Pay-as-you-go – the benefits of which are highlighted below.

Quickfox Pro

This is a highly customised, one-stop publishing solution that includes evaluation, consulting, editorial, design, production, printing and ebook services, as well as distribution through niche, local and international platforms and retailers. Quotations are provided on a job-by-job basis. This solution is geared towards authors and businesses looking for a highly professional product that meets the stringent requirements of the book trade such as bookstores, book reviewers, libraries, and educational institutions. It is also best-suited to authors who value quality or who intend using the book for personal or business branding and need to put their best foot forward.

Download a basic overview of our Publishing services, or visit our Quickfox Pro page for more information.


Yes!Press is our package-based publishing solution that lets you publish what YOU want and removes publishing ‘overwhelm’ through a simplified, quick-to-market workflow. We publish your book and distribute it to major outlets worldwide, including Amazon, Apple, B&N, Rakuten Kobo, and more, setting up all accounts in your name. With Yes!Press, you can choose the package best suited to your needs and enjoy set pricing. You can also fulfil your local sales and retail requests with an affordable bulk printing option, or offer print-on-demand sales through Publisher.co.za (depending on the book and its suitability for local POD).

Find out more about Yes!Press.

Pay-as-you-go production services

It is essential to use professional production services if you intend selling your book through the normal channels of distribution such as bookstores, speciality stores and libraries. It is also essential for positive book reviews and for establishing customer confidence in your product. All service providers are experienced industry professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to each project.

Services are quoted on sight of the manuscript, or a few representative chapters.

Typical pay-as-you-go production services include:

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