You’ve invested tons of expertise, effort and time in writing your book, so make the right choices when it comes to publishing it!

Publish Like A Pro is a comprehensive and practical step-by-step guide aimed at equipping you with the essential knowledge needed to publish a high-quality book that reads well, looks good, and boosts your author profile or brand.
Publishing experts Vanessa Wilson and Georgina Hatch share decades of publishing experience, and answer most of the pressing questions self-publishing authors have asked over the years.

What you will find in the book

Every aspect of the publishing process is explored – from making the decision to publish and what will be required of you as an author, to all the processes required to get your book from a raw manuscript to a finished, sellable product – with professional advice and best practices provided along the way.

Equipped with the ‘insider knowledge’ that Publish Like a Pro offers, self-publishers will have a greater chance of making the right decisions and reaping the rewards and profits that self-publishing can offer.

This book:

  • investigates traditional publishing and independent publishing, highlighting their pros and cons
  • guides you on how to find a publisher and prepare your manuscript for publishing
  • examines different independent publishing models and budget requirements
  • explains all the production processes in detail, offering advice and practical know-how throughout
  • explains how to source illustrations and photographs, and how to brief an illustrator and photographer for custom images
  • explores printing processes and book specifi­ca­tions, as well as how to request a print quote and prepare your book files for print
  • discusses ebooks and outlines the options for ebook conversion and online distribution
  • looks at the economics of publishing and shows you how to work out your publishing budget, set your retail price, and calculate your profit margin
  • looks at publishing timelines and how to create one of your own so that you can coordinate your distribution and marketing
  • explores sales channels, the distribution chain in South Africa, and international print-on-demand and ebook platforms
  • offers marketing and promotional ideas
  • offers practical know-how, tips and advice throughout, with convenient worksheets and templates to help you plan and budget.

This book aims to empower authors and subject specialists in the business of publishing, whether they choose to manage the process themselves or hand their book over to a professional service provider or publisher to publish on their behalf.

This book will also benefit authors who choose to go the traditional publishing route by guiding them in their manuscript preparation, offering a behind-the-scenes view of how publishing works, and explaining what will be required of them in the process.

What others say

“The most comprehensive and practical guide of its kind – essential reading for all authors. Follow the advice and you’ll be well on your way to success.” – NELISA LUNIKA, Community Publishing Programme Co-ordinator, Centre for the Book, National Library of South Africa

“There are some works on self-publishing in the international arena, but for authors in South Africa, this very comprehensive and detailed book will make their job so much easier. I have not seen anything else as all-encompassing as this practical and useful book. I encourage all would-be authors to read it and learn! – LANA BARNETT, CEO Leserskring/Leisure Books

Download the first three chapters of
Publish Like A Pro

Chapters one to three talk about traditional versus independent publishing, who owns your work, potential earnings, planning your book, planning your writing schedule, how to structure your book, choosing a title, using keywords for better SEO, what you need to include for publishing, how to find a publisher and submit your manuscript, and protecting your copyright. 


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