“In doing The Genius Programme, I have learnt so much about myself. I realised that I am capable of far more than I have ever imagined.”
– Greg Steyn

“I feel more aware than ever before. New personal values are unfolding: “attentiveness, honouring myself and others, gratitude, forgiveness, open-mindedness, trust, compassion, respect, healthy living, generosity, honesty and spiritual practice.”
– Tim Modise, broadcast personality and entrepreneur

Do you own a mobile phone, tablet or computer? Do you ever update the software to keep it running smoothly and efficiently? Chances are, you do.

Just as our devices need software updates to keep them performing at their peak, so does the human brain. As we make our way through life we adopt thought patterns, belief systems and attitudes habits of thinking that run automatically in the background, affecting our behaviour and the choices we make. While some of these programmes are helpful, others are disfunctional and outdated they undermine our self-confidence, stifle our creativity, and limit our true potential. And worse, we’re often not aware of them!

‘The Genius Programme’ is a simple yet powerful programme designed to help you identify and free yourself from habits of thinking that no longer contribute to positive development in your life. ‘The Genius Programme’ will:

  • help you develop greater awareness of the thought patterns influencing your life
  • empower you, through the use of new thinking tools, to embark on a period of personal innovation
  • help you recover your creative genius
  • free instinctive intuition
  • open the possibility to greater self-potential
  • help you recognise opportunities you may not have seen before.

‘The Genius Programme’ will also:

  • introduce you to six common habits of thinking
  • help you understand and implement contextual change
  • provide tools that will help unlock your creative genius
  • offer exercises to help you practise and embed the new ways of thinking you have acquired.

What others have to say

“Working through the Genius Programme has helped me to see how simple life can be and that I can always be the best I can be.”
– Susan Masuku

“One of the biggest things I have learnt from this programme is to actually take the time out to get my mind more focused. To do this I am putting my thoughts on paper, realising that this becomes the starting point for my goal setting and achievements.”
– Mark Mulligan