How many legal contracts are running your life at this moment in time? Five? Ten? More than ten? If, like most people, you have in excess of five contracts, it should be no wonder that life is PASSING YOU BY – you are so busy ensuring that other peoples’ needs and terms are being met that you have forgotten about or have no time to meet your own. As long as you are in a legal contract with someone else, you are living THEIR dreams and not YOUR OWN!

What if there was a contract that EXPRESSLY stipulated how you should run your life? A contract that was designed by you, signed by you, and monitored by you. A contract that honours the wishes of the most important person in your life – YOU!

In ‘The Contract with Yourself’, Dineshrie takes you on a journey where you explore the various facets of what that ideal contract with yourself should look like. You will assess and plan for all areas of your life – spiritual, education, career, health and fitness, wealth building, societal involvement, personal and family relationships – with a view to achieving personal success and living an extraordinary life.

Success comes from doing the simple activities, consistently. This book is a reminder of those activities. ‘The Contract with Yourself ‘ might just be the most important contract that you sign to date.