‘Blue Eland Foxtrot’ is a political satire wrapped in an adventure story.

With wit and irony it tracks a group of students battling their way through 1970s South Africa and the antiapartheid struggle of the 1980s. The story brings alive the efforts of its motley crew to make sense of their own sexualities, histories, identities and struggles between life’s pleasures and the country’s horror.

Part 1, the Fogstar Project, sees them grappling with their anarchic actions and desires in context of the developing black consciousness movement.

Part 2, the Ghost Crabs, has them taking different paths to tackle the crumbling apartheid regime.

In his role as editor / interlocutor, Professor Rambunctious Sithole – who moves from Professor of Hitler Studies to Marxist Cosmology as the book progresses –provides references and humorous insights as to the story’s resonance with the current post-apartheid utopia.

In keeping with the adventure genre, ‘Blue Eland Foxtrot’ hurtles at a rip-roaring pace.