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Leadership: The Exponential Effect is a well-researched book that explores the principles of dynamic leadership for significant personal, interpersonal, team and organisational impact. Dr Andy Brough examines the relationship between self-leadership (leading me), leading others (leading them), leading teams (leading us) and leading for results (developing solutions). The book is divided into four parts and attempts to answer the following key questions:

  • What does effective leadership look like?
  • What is the relationship between self-leadership, leading others, leading teams and leading for results?
  • What do organisations need to do to create a sustainable, high-quality leadership development pipeline?

Leadership: The Exponential Effect is a cumulative expression of 25 years’ experience working in the areas of leadership development in more than 80 countries. The book is aimed at readers, organisational leaders who are committed to personal and professional development. The leadership principles examined in this book apply equally in the business context, government and the not-for-profit sectors.

The book approaches leadership from the basis of strong academic research supported with interviews from corporate and organisational  leaders who share their stories around the 12 leadership principles that are covered.

“Dr Andrew Brough has succeeded in making a substantial contribution to our understanding of leadership in a way that is engaging while still containing academic breadth and depth.”
– Dr Mark Manley (International Strategy & Leadership Consultant)

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Size: 6 x 9 (US Trade)
No of pages: 268
Formats: Paperback and ebook
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About the author

Dr Andrew J. Brough is a global leadership and organisational development and e-learning specialist, professional speaker, lecturer, facilitator and conference moderator. He is the founder of the Brough Leadership Institute and has worked with thousands of leaders in many Fortune 500 companies and businesses, governments and non-profit organisations over the past 25 years in more than 80 countries. Andy is also a registered Chartered Marketer, and part of the external faculty for a number of universities in South Africa and abroad.

Visit www.andrewbrough.com and www.broughleadership.com

what others say

Dr Andy Brough has, in a few 100 pages, helped elevate our understanding of leadership for the modern age. He takes us on a well-researched and informative journey with relevant examples and testimonies across a wide range of industries and sectors with a powerful message for all those aspiring to leadership. As an experienced practitioner working inside and alongside organizations, Andy offers us pragmatic advice and a set of tools and approaches to support how we amplify the impact of leadership. In the current context, his approach to amplify leadership as an impact you have in service of others, really resonates. As organizations strive to adapt; becoming flatter, less hierarchical, and more networked – the need for greater leadership from all increases.

By connecting how we think about leadership in terms of self, the team and the wider organizational context, Andy has given us an opportunity to think in a more connected way on how to deliver the positive, exponential impact of leadership.

– Robin Lilley Global Director of Leadership, Learning & Development, The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

* * *

Meaning and direction are two key concepts occupying the minds of people across the world. This publication succeeds in putting leadership at the centre of creating influence and impact through the meaningful integration of key personal characteristics and effective contextual awareness. Considering the twelve key elements as significant building blocks of relevant leadership, defines it directly into the key role of creating value and direction for people. Dr Andy Brough succeeds in presenting leadership in a practical and useful manner; relevant for both students of leadership and practicing leaders.

– Professor Alwyn Louw Vice Chancellor, Torrens University and Academic Director, Think Education, Adelaide, Australia.

* * *

“Dr Brough has done a masterful job of explaining the complexity of leadership in a clear and straightforth manner. Professor Einstein is often quoted as saying, ‘If you cannot explain something simply then you don’t understand it,’ and it is clear that Andrew understands leadership. He not only presents the complex elements of leadership but provides exercises to help readers gain deeper insight into the concepts. From leading yourself to leading others, whether in stable or chaotic environments, Dr Brough’s book can help you understand the what, why, and how of leadership. This is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the deeper concepts of leadership.”

– Bruce E. Winston, PhD Professor, School of Business & Leadership, Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA.

* * *

“This not just another book on Leadership. It is a guide, template and coach for all of us to reflect on the leaders we aspire to be and the impact we want to make on others and the world around us. At its heart is a simple, yet powerful set of propositions, brought vividly to life, that capture a new paradigm for exponential effectiveness in leadership. This book has the potential to not only transform the way we think about leadership but, through application, to also provide the possibilities for real personal change and discovery.”

– Chris Crosby CEO TMA World & Country Navigator, London, UK.

* * *

“A great book filled with leadership wisdom and practical exercises to help in personal, team and organizational leadership. We need this kind of effort in a world where perhaps the greatest challenge is our leadership crisis. Andy’s book will help us expedite the emergence of authentic leaders and leadership. Thank you Andy. This is especially needed in a world that will likely offer bigger and more dangerous leadership challenges.”

– Adriaan Groenewald CEO of Leadership Platform, founder of Thinklead, author of ‘Seamless Leadership: Universal Lessons from South Africa’.

* * *

A post-lockdown (I’m cautious about ‘post-Covid’) organisational context is going to require effective leadership that could pivot organisations to greatness, quickly; The type of leadership that will have an exponential effect. The twelve leadership principles are skilfully explicated through theory-infused practices, ranging from stories from Andrew Brough’s extensive leadership practice, vignettes from real executive experiences, and questions at the end of each chapter to guide your own reflective practice. Ambitiously comprehensive in its reach, a highly useful companion for leaders to radically transform their game.

– Dr Andrew J. Johnson Action Scientist and Chief Learning Officer, co-editor (and contributor) of ‘Leadership: Perspectives From The Frontline’, Johannesburg, South Africa.

* * *

Without any doubt a must-read book for all leaders, those in managerial positions and proud South Africans. The reflections provided, the contextual interpretation and rich insights on important conversations in business, the words of wisdom from Dr Brough on leadership are a real inspiration. The book takes a novel approach and opens new avenues for further discussion and research on the underlying principles supporting effective and efficient leaders. It provides a valuable framework for daily use to inform and guide decision-making while simultaneously also deepening the current discourse amongst passionate scholars on the topic.

– Prof HB Klopper Executive Dean: Research and Institutional Partnerships, Da Vinci Institute, Modderfontein, South Africa.