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Publish Like A Pro: The Complete Guide to Successful and Profitable Self-Publishing, is on the press and due to be released in the second half of September 2018Written by industry experts Vanessa Wilson and Georgina Hatch, this book addresses all aspects of publishing a book – from concept to the creation of a printed book and ebook. It also includes sections on book distribution, budgeting and pricing, and marketing your book. The book includes other added extras, such as handy templates and tons of information that can’t be found elsewhere. Enjoy valuable hints and tips and ‘how-to’ information that will save you money and make your book publishing easier.

How will you benefit?

With books on self-publishing readily available overseas, what makes this book different?

“This book covers the South African publishing landscape with its unique publishing and distribution challenges,” explains Vanessa. “However, all authors will benefit from reading it because it’s by far the most comprehensive book I’ve seen on the subject. It’s also very practical and aims to help authors produce a high-quality product that meets the stringent requirements of the book trade. In reality, any author can publish a book – print-on-demand and ebook platforms have made that possible – but few authors achieve the quality required for positive media reviews and bookstore distribution.”

“Unfortunately, publishing without proper guidance simply perpetuates the self-publishing stigma and loses authors tons of money. This book aims to change that. We’re trying to make self-publishing a viable and respected alternative to traditional publishing. We also want to share with authors what they really need to know to make their project a success. We believe in responsible publishing – giving authors all the facts so that they can make informed decisions.”

The nitty-gritty of self-publishing

So what prompted Vanessa and Georgina to put pen to paper – or should we say, fingers to keyboard?

“It was mostly the result of consulting with our clients over the years and addressing the same issues with each project, over and over again,” says Vanessa. “We realised that authors had either no information or bad information. It was often biased and usually aimed at selling a particular company’s services. We also wanted to help authors understand what they could realistically expect from self-publishing. Many authors think that simply making a book available on Amazon and thousands of other global retailers is enough to make a book sell. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Publishing is a business and to be successful, you need to understand the business.”

“This book explains how the industry works and makes frequent comparisons with traditional publishing so that authors can put things in perspective. They will more easily understand the practicalities and economics of publishing. In that sense, we’ve kept things very practical – every chapter offers solid advice and best practices.”

Publish Like A Pro was published by Quickfox Publishing, a leading independent publishing company in South Africa.

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