Use our convenient online calculator to get an estimate of your ebook conversion costs. Choose the conversion option best-suited to your book.

Choose from text-driven books, layout-driven books or children’s picture books. The final conversion cost will be confirmed once we’ve received your manuscript and assessed it.



Reflowable ebook format

Use this calculator if you’re publishing a book that is mostly text-based and has no specific layout requirements, such as:

  • Fiction
  • Narrative non-fiction
  • Poetry (that doesn’t require specific formatting)
  • Single-column non-fiction.

This is the most versatile option. Reflowable ebooks with DRM-protection are sold by most major retailers. Amazon sells the Kindle format and all other retailers sell ePub.



Fixed layout ebook

Use this calculator if you’re publishing an image or layout-driven book, a multi-column book, or a book that must look like its printed counterpart, such as:

  • Cookbooks
  • Coffee table books
  • Books with a lot of tabs and tables
  • Books with complex or specific layout requirements.

Self-publishing friendly platforms that support DRM-protected fixed layout ebooks are Apple (ePub), Kobo (ePub) and Amazon (KF8).



Fixed layout ebook

Use this calculator if you’re publishing a full-colour children’s picture book.

Self-publishing oriented platforms that support DRM-protected children’s storybooks are Apple (ePub), Kobo (ePub) and Amazon (KF8).


  1. These calculators provide estimated pricing only. Quickfox Publishing reserves the right to amend the pricing based on sight of the final manuscript and/or formatted book files requiring conversion.
  2. The ebook conversion estimate includes up to 50 interactive links, which typically include links from the table of contents to the relevant sections of the ebook, and external links to websites and email addresses. Index links and multiple cross-referencing links above the 50-link limited will incur additional costs.


Need a cover for your ebook?

No problem at all. There are various ways in which you can get one.

  1. We can conceptualise and custom-design a cover for you from scratch. Prices range from R4800 to R8000 depending on the book, the client brief, and whether or not artwork must be specially commissioned (e.g. for books that require a specific character to be created).
  2. We can design a cover using an image supplied by you. We’ll choose an appropriate font, position it perfectly on your image, and tweak the image if necessary to get the right look and feel. Prices range from R2200 to R3000 for the front cover, and up to R4800 for a full print-ready cover. We present three designs for you to pick from, and then further refine the chosen design until you are happy.
  3. You can purchase a pre-made book cover from any one of a number of online stores. When you buy a pre-made book cover, it is removed from the site and is no longer available to anyone else. This means that you get to enjoy a unique cover at a great price. Simply Google “pre-made book cover” and a number of different options will come up.