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frequently asked questions

Please read our FAQs below before sending us a message.


Most of our projects are quoted on a job-by-job basis. However, in 2022 we introduced our Yes!Press publishing packages to accommodate authors with smaller budgets seeking a simplified publishing process. Find out more about Yes!Press.

You do. Since you are paying full production and printing costs, you own the InDesign and print-ready PDF files produced by us. You are free to take these files and republish or print your book elsewhere.

Note: Copyright pertaining to images and artwork sourced from image libraries and third-party vendors, as well as text permissions, will remain with the original copyright holders. Should you wish to repurpose or re-use copyrighted content in other books or products, additional rights will need to be secured and/or purchased from the copyright holders.  

Absolutely! South Africa's largest publishing houses have trusted us with their work for almost three decades. We have been privy to literally thousands of books from their conceptualisation to their launch.

We follow a strict professional code of conduct. It would severely damage our business if we violated that code. No client wants to do business with a business that cannot be trusted, and our business cannot survive without our clients.

However, we understand that some authors and companies may require reassurance. If this is the case, we are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before commencing work. Please don't hesitate to ask us for one when making your initial enquiry, or submit one of your own. 

Assessing a manuscript takes time and expertise, so for feedback on your manuscript, we recommend a professional manuscript evaluation.

If you’ve made it this far, you've probably made your way through our website and should have a good feel for what we’re about and what we do.

We don’t believe in pushing our services on authors – we want to work with authors who want to work with us. We believe that doing so sets up the right foundation for success and generates good energy for the project.

If you are unsure, we would be happy to set up an initial 15-minute meeting where you can ask your important questions. You are also welcome to chat to some of our past clients. Feel free to ask us for some references.

Due to the nature of our work and the fact that our key consultants work off-site, prior notice of a visit is necessary to ensure that the right person is available to meet with you.

However, we also conduct meetings using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype and WhatsApp. We have clients all over the world and do not need to physically meet up with them to help them with their book production and publishing.

To book an in-person or online meeting, email us using the contact form on this page.


YesPress projects generally take anything from 10–12 working days for ebook publishing and one to two months for print edition publishing. These timelines assume that you have an edited and polished manuscript. If you still require cover design, add an extra 5–10 working days.

Quickfox projects can take anything from three to six months to complete, from editing through to delivery of a final printed product. Depending on the readiness of the manuscript and simplicity of the services required, it could even take as little as two months. Ebook publishing is generally much quicker.

If you need your job in a hurry, please chat to us and we will see what we can do to accommodate your deadline. Bear in mind that the best quality comes from taking the proper time needed to complete each production process.

Yes you can. You can stop the process at any time. However, all costs incurred up to that point will be for your account.

If you are in any doubt about whether you should go ahead and publish or not, we suggest that you book a publishing consultation so that we can realistically assess whether going the independent route is the right option for you.

You receive customer support and excellent service with all of our services. In addition, various levels of publishing support are offered depending on whether you publish under Yes!Press or Quickfox.

Yes!Press: We provide you with support applicable to the publishing and distribution services you will be receiving with your package.

Quickfox: Publishing support is more in-depth and focused due to the customised nature of this service. It includes high-level planning; strategising; and publishing, print, ebook and distribution recommendations specific to your project and publishing vision.

Quickfox à la carte offers production, ebook and print services for any project, provided the project adheres to our basic terms and conditions below.

Yes!Press accepts all manuscripts for publishing provided the manuscript meets our basic terms and conditions below, is complete, and has been edited. (Editorial services prior to publishing can be provided.) 

Quickfox focuses on producing trade-quality books that meet the stringent standards of the book trade and media, and for this reason we are selective about what we publish. Our aim with Quickfox is to produce books that look and read the same as traditionally published books. We also try to maximise the author's chances of selling publishing rights to larger publishers through quality editorial and production services.

Our basic terms and conditions for publishing:

  1. The work must be the author's own original work, and where the work of others is used, the relevant permissions obtained from the copyright holders to reproduce that work, and appropriate credits given to those copyright holders (more information on how to do this can be found in Publish Like a Pro, available from, Amazon, Apple and Kobo.)
  2. Content must not be defamatory or libellous; neither must it incite hate, prejudice, violence, and harmful or degrading acts towards others.
  3. Content must not violate any Publications Acts – in South Africa or any other country in which the author intends to sell books.

Yes! You are welcome to use your own resources. If you want to be represented under the Quickfox imprint, we will assess your book to see if it meets the Quickfox criteria. Otherwise, you can publish under the Yes!Press imprint or your own name or brand.

Whatever you do, we recommend that you use professional service providers with experience in their fields. Book buyers are used to traditional publishing standards – which are typically high – and this level of publishing is what they have come to expect. It is also unfair to make a customer pay the same for your book as they would a traditionally published book if your book does not meet a similar standard in terms of quality.

We believe in giving readers what they pay for and expect. After all, you are publishing for them.


Yes, we will set up global distribution for your book (Yes!Press and Quickfox). We also set up local distribution through the online store (Yes!Press and Quickfox), and bricks-and-mortar stores (Quickfox only). Quickfox titles also have the option of distribution to libraries and schools, and niche distribution to select markets.

All distribution accounts are set up in your name and you get paid directly by the distributor. You can access and manage your distribution account/s through your client account portal. Best of all, you can monitor your sales daily, weekly or monthly to see which marketing and publicity initiatives are working, and which aren’t. 

Mainstream bricks-and-mortar bookstore distribution is complex and a consultation prior to publishing is recommended if bookstore distribution is a fundamental part of your sales strategy. Everything you need to know about bookstore distribution can be found in Publish Like a Pro

Our book distribution services include:

  • Global distribution: We set up your global distribution account/s for print-on-demand and ebook sales through the world's largest online and bricks-and-mortar stores. Reach up to 40000+ outlets, libraries and subscription services.
  • Publisher drop-ship order set up: You can fulfil orders abroad to corporates, organisations, clubs, affiliates, team members, and more by placing cost-price print orders and charging the recipients full list price. You can do this using the global distribution account/s we’ve set up for you.
  • Local bookstore distribution, including Takealot and Loot: We connect you with bookstore-approved distributors who will market your book to local bookstores and take care of the warehousing, billing and order fulfilment (South Africa only). They will also list your book on Takealot and Loot.
  • Local online sales via We set up your title on the online store, where you will earn 60% of sales. delivers to all areas in South Africa and ships overseas to the UK.
  • Email campaigns: We can design and set up an email campaign for your title using a mailing list supplied by you (additional costs may apply, depending on your agreement with us).
  • Book publicity: Our publicist will create a media campaign for your book, send off press releases, secure radio and TV interviews, and organise your in-store book launch. Book publicity is available for Quickfox titles only.

We do not engage in actively marketing your book, although your book may be promoted in some of our routine campaigns and social media efforts. We are primarily production and publishing specialists, which means that we focus on creating products and making those products available for sale by setting up local and global distribution to the world’s largest retailers.

As a self-publishing author, you are responsible for promoting and marketing your book – regardless of who you publish through. This is true of any entrepreneur or business owner creating and selling products – your product just happens to be a book!

If you need some help, we can connect you with industry professionals who offer specialised marketing and publicity assistance, such as communications consultants, book publicists and social media experts. 

To learn more about book marketing versus publicity versus distribution, grab a copy of Publish Like A Pro, available from, or on Amazon (Kindle ebook).

How you get paid will depend on the platforms through which you are selling your book.

International distributors, such as Amazon and Ingrams: You will need an international bank account (UK, US, Canada or Europe) to receive royalty payments. If you do not have one, we will guide you on how to quickly and easily open an account that is compatible with these platforms and then link that account to your local bank account. You will be paid directly by these distribution platforms. You are paid via EFT directly into your South African bank account at the end of each month. If you live abroad, payments can be made to you using PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, we can guide you on how to open one.

South African bookstores and libraries: Your bookstore marketer/distributor will pay you directly by EFT.


Yes. In 2022 we introduced Yes!Press to help authors who have limited budgets benefit from set pricing. Yes!Press offers all the services you will need to get published and selling, locally and internationally, whether it be a paperback, hardcover book or ebook.

General publishing and production services: We usually require a 50% deposit with balance of payment due on completion of the project. Payment for longer or bigger projects can be split over the project period. Much depends on the service, the duration of the project, the client, the total project value, and whether external service providers are being used. We do not offer credit terms, however, we do accept credit card payments via our payment gateway, Payfast. Payfast offers other payment methods and integrated financing options.

Yes!Press Ebook Lite and certain à la carte services require full payment upfront.

EFT/Direct Deposit: Payments within South Africa are done via EFT or direct deposit. 

Credit card payments: We accept credit card payments from local and international clients subject to a service fee of 5% of the total amount being billed to the card.

Foreign payments: We also accept foreign payments into our PayPal account (small amounts), overseas banking account (larger amounts), and local banking account (via SWIFT transfer). Banking details can be provided on request. Foreign payments are subject to a service fee of 7,5% to cover international bank charges and currency conversion costs.

We strongly advise our clients to have the full funding available before starting production and printing, as books will NOT be released without balance of payment.



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