Why read our publishing tutorials?

Because knowledge is power. All too often authors start their publishing journey without much research. This is the equivalent to embarking on the manufacture of, say, patio furniture, and spending tens or hundreds of thousands in its manufacture without first knowing the market; what patio furniture is already out there; what makes your furniture different; the different ways in which patio furniture can be manufactured; which materials would be best for your range (plastic, cast iron or aluminium); where you will sell it or even if it will sell. That would be considered insane. Yet authors too frequently invest tens – even hundreds – of thousands of rands in their book publishing based only on a dream, backed with little to no research. Our publishing tutorials won’t give you all the answers – good publishing is way too complex and each project and author is different – but they will familiarise you with the world of publishing and book production and get you asking the right questions.

By working your way through the content in this section, you will learn the difference between litho printing and digital printing; you will understand the publishing and book production process; and you will be able to more accurately budget for your project by including all the necessary steps and their costs. You will also hopefully be able to choose the right service provider for your book.

Despite the value inherent in our tutorials, we strongly recommend a publishing consultation so that you can gain solid, objective advice about your particular book and how best to realise your unique publishing vision. A consultation will also fill in the gaps and answer specific questions you may have regarding the publishing and distribution of your book.

We also recommend a manuscript evaluation so that you know whether your manuscript, in its current state, is ready for publishing. Receiving professional editorial advice and implementing the suggestions offered will enable you to get your manuscript into the best possible shape – be it for self-publishing or traditional royalty-based publishing.


The Publishing Process

Book Production

Ebook Publishing

Digital versus Litho Printing

Print-On-Demand (POD)

Publishing Lingo