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For longer-run printing and full colour work

We offer, through our network of accredited service providers locally and internationally, high quality litho printing of all book types, from straight-forward text-based books through to coffee table books and speciality products. We adhere to the printing standards of the local and international publishing and book trade industries, so you can be assured of a final product that meets the stringent requirements for bookstore distribution, worldwide.

Litho printing is generally recommended for print run quantities greater than 750 books, and for colour work. This includes full colour childrens' books and coffee table books.

Litho printing is also recommended for authors intending to distribute through bookstores because the unit cost per book on the higher volumes is usually much lower than the unit cost when printing digitally.


Quotation turnaround time

Because printing specifications can vary so widely and the quoting process is more complex than that for digital printing, quotations are done on request and can take 3–5 working days to generate. More complex jobs, jobs requiring a few different printing options or non-standard finishes, or prices being sourced overseas for best economy, may take longer.


Printing turnaround time

Once files have been received and the printer's proof has been signed off, printing could take anything from 10 to 15 working days to complete, depending on the complexity of the job and the quantities required. If larger runs are being printed overseas then oceanfreight delivery also needs to be factored in. It is wise, therefore, to plan well ahead of time when choosing this route.






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