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Digital printing service DIGITALPRESS

Digital printing is best suited to smaller print quantities of 1–750 books. It is ideal for small scale distribution through a single third party and for direct-to-customer sales.

What makes Quickfox Publishing's print offering different?

Firstly, we determine the correct specifications for your book based on our extensive publishing and book trade experience. From paper weight to paper finish, binding method to trimming and finishing specs, we ensure that your book is printed properly and meets industry standards.

Secondly, when you print with us, we can list and load your book onto SA's largest and most well-established online store for independent authors, www.publisher.co.za, ensuring that your book is immediately available for sale the moment it leaves the press. 




Is full colour printing available?

Yes it is, but unfortunately digital colour tends to be very expensive and is best avoided if you intend selling the book through bookstore channels. Rather, if you must have digital colour, aim to sell your book directly to clients and customers to save on hefty distribution costs and to keep your price market-related.


How long does digital printing take?

Our turnaround time is generally 5–7 working days excluding economy roadfreight delivery of 2–4 days if you have chosen delivery. The second print run is much quicker as all files are already on our system and only printing and delivery times are applicable.


What is the minimum print run when ordering through Quickfox Publishing?

We have found it to be more cost-effective for authors to print at least 50 books at a time and suggest this as a minimum starting point. However, we will gladly quote on runs lower than this, bearing in mind that your unit costs will be much higher.

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