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Manuscript evaluation

When you’re ready to publish, it is highly recommended that you have a manuscript evaluation done. We look at your manuscript from the viewpoint of both a reader and a publisher. We comment on the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, the writing style and voice, as well as whether the content has been dealt with in a manner that helps position the material for success in the marketplace. We will also suggest ways in which you can improve on the material should you choose to do so. The evaluation is 3 to 5 or more pages long depending on the length of the manuscript

<45 000 words: R1500–R2500

45 000+ words: R2500–R3000



Standard edit

Apart from the usual checks for grammar, punctuation and spelling, standard editing also checks for factual errors, plot holes, limited characterisation, syntactical problems and structural errors. This type of editing is the minimum recommended level of editing when publishing a book.

Comprehensive edit

In addition to standard editing, a comprehensive edit focuses on the manuscript’s intended use and target market, as well as the internal organisation, design, style and flow of information or narrative. It ensures completeness, accuracy, consistency, conciseness, readability and most especially clarity — everything must be so clear that it cannot be misunderstood.

This is the most expensive form of editing because the editor engages with the material and its author at the deepest level — checking for factual accuracy and copyright issues, referencing material appropriately, compiling an index, and pre-empting a range of potential issues.


This is normally done after the first page proofs have been produced — a comprehensive or standard edit will already have been done. The sentence structure, flow, development and content should be sound but the manuscript may simply need another check for punctuation, grammar and spelling errors that may have slipped through, as well as errors that may have crept in during the typesetting stage such as incorrect heading levels, incorrect page number references, and so on.

How do I obtain an editing quote?

To receive an editing quote, kindly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us –

  • Three representative chapters
  • Table of contents
  • Brief synopsis
  • Total word count of manuscript

Editing quotes take approximately 2–5 working days to generate



We offer general copywriting services, and can help you with your book cover blurbs, press releases, newsletter content, website content, instruction book copy, product catalogue copy, training manual text, sales brochures, and more.


Technical writing

Our team of technical writers can tackle most standard subjects. Whether it's Operating Instructions for a product you need, or a Computer Software User Guide, we have the writers to do it. Our team can also turn your technical manuals into online guides and sellable courseware. 


Business editorial services

We offer editing and developing of corporate communication-oriented material – newsletters, speeches, annual reports, power-point presentations, or the like. We also offer overwriting and ghost writing, translating into a variety of common languages, commissioning of photographs and illustrations, and obtaining permissions in cases where writers have used material from other copyright holders.


Book trailer script writing

Looking to produce a book trailer to help you promote your new book online? We will write a script that is professional, punchy, and that speaks to your target market. 






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