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Then sell your book through Amazon, Apple iBookstore & Sony Reader Store.

Don't let geography or budget restrict your book publishing dreams. Thanks to the low cost of ebook publishing, you can reach a global market with minimal investment and minimal risk.

"Apple's iBookstore has seen 1.5 million books uploaded since 2010,
with more than 400 million downloads."

Whether it's an ebook conversion you're looking for, or help making your book available throught the world's largest retailers, Quickfox Publishing provides a complete one-stop solution when looking to publish a book.

"Ebook sales have exceeded print copy sales on Amazon."

We offer conversion into the two main ebook formats, Kindle and ePub, and then publish them for you on Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel, Smashword and Publisher.co.za. You earn 100% of net profit after bookstore discounts and taxes have been deducted. With us handling all the technical stuff, you're left free to focus on your book marketing and promotion. 


Your books could be available in these stores in as little as 4-6 weeks.



What you need to do  

Download our Ebook Package Information Sheet with package and pricing options. Decide which package you'll be needing, and then complete the online form for that particular package by clicking on the package links below.

Ebook Lite – for simple text-only books with minimal or no special formatting; these include fiction, novellas, short stories, narrative non-fiction, and so on.

Ebook Standard – for books with few or more formatting requirements, any of which might include multiple heading levels, captions, quotes, footnotes, bulleted text, simple tables, images/photos, and interactive links; non-fiction books typically fall into this category.

Ebook Custom – for books that have complex formatting or specific layout requirements; these include children's books, recipe books, education or reference books, books with multi-column layouts, and coffee table or photographic books. Note that distribution options for complex ebooks may be limited.

What we will do

Using your Word docHTMLtext, RTF, or InDesign file, we will create an ebook in ePub or Kindle format, or both. ePub is read on almost all e-readers except the Kindle, and Kindle format (.mobi / .azw / KF8) is read on, you guessed it, Kindle devices. Kindle is Amazon's proprietory format and is required for distribution through all Amazon stores, while ePub is distributed through most other stores, such as Apple's iBookstore, Sony ReaderStore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo books, Diesel, and more.

Once converted, we will upload your file onto the web for distribution through the world's largest ebook retailers. Online accounts are opened and set up in your name which means you receive 100% of net profit after bookstore discounts and taxes have been deducted. You will also have back-end access to all your sales and book pricing information, as well as full control over your online accounts.


Features of our ebook conversion and publishing packages

  • Simple and affordable package pricing.
  • Correct file preparation for proper ebook conversion.
  • Files that conform to stringent online store requirements.
  • eBooks that offer a pleasurable reader experience.
  • eBook files that are tested before they are uploaded.
  • The ease of having us upload your files for distribution through major online stores.
  • ISBN assignment for each ebook version.
  • 100% of net profit from the sale of all books.
  • Full control of your bookstore accounts including pricing, book details, and monthly sales reports.
  • www.publisher.co.za listing at no extra cost.
  • Convenient pay-as-you-go add-on services.
  • A local service just a phone call away.
  • Optional editorial, design and ebook-to-print services.











Cover design and editing

For your ebook to be accepted into the Premium Catalogue for international distribution through the world's major online stores, your cover will need to look professional. It also goes without saying that your book should be edited before you make it available to the general public. Unless you are a professional writer – and even professional writers have their books proofread, at the very least – an unedited book will be difficult to sell because book sales are stimulated mostly by positive customer experience, which in turn leads to positive reviews and recommendations.

We offer professional cover design, interior formatting and editing/proofreading services to help take your book to the next level. Both options can be selected on our ebook package enquiry forms. eBook Cover design is a standard price, but editing is generally quoted on sight of copy. As a rough estimate, you can expect editing/proofreading to cost anything from 18c to 30c per word, dependind on the quality of your manuscript.

Download our Ebook Package information

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  1. International distribution refers to distribution through Amazon stores and Smashwords. Smashwords is an aggregator site that feeds the ePub version through to Apple iBooks, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel.
  2. The term "ebook publishing package" includes file conversion into either one or both of the two main ebook formats - ePub and/or Kindle (.mobi) - ISBN application and international distribution.
  3. The term "ebook conversion" includes only conversion into one or both ebook formats (ePub and/or Kindle) – it does not include international distribution.
  4. We cannot guarantee distribution through Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Diesel as each store assesses products based on its own set of criteria and according to its own terms and conditions. Almost all text-based books or books with very simple formatting tend to pass with no problem, provided the content does not violate site regulations and book covers look professional.
  5. Accounts are set up in the Publisher's/Author's name. Publishers/Authors are provided full log in details to their control panel where they can change their pricing and monitor their sales. They earn 100% of all sales after standard bookstore discounts and taxes have been deducted. Once the account has been opened we have no further involvement with it, unless our participation is specifically requested by the author/publisher, and subject to our agreement to do so.
  6. Marketing and publicity of all ebooks remains the responsibility of the client. We provide a conversion and international publishing service only.
  7. Discounts are non-transferable.
  8. All manuscripts must be supplied in Word doc, text, HTML, RTF, or InDesign (v 5.0 or idml.). Conversions from any other format may be subject to additional costs.




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