JAN 2, 2014

How to generate ideas for a new novel

Where do you begin writing a book? That’s the main question on any new author’s lips. The simple truth is you need a great idea.  Okay, some semblance of .... read more
Created on 2nd January 2014
DEC 5, 2013

Questions you should be asking a literary agent

You could write the best book to evolve from the literary world in years and it won’t get far without a literary agent pushing you and your writing skills all the w .... read more
Created on 5th December 2013
NOV 28, 2013

How you can get a literary agent

Hiring a literary agent is one of the most important parts of getting published. A good agent will work towards putting your book in front of great editors, ensure that .... read more
Created on 28th November 2013
NOV 18, 2013

5 of the highest paid authors in 2013

Start writing and you never know where your talents will take you, that new novel could be just what the public are looking for right now. Certain authors are more succes .... read more
Created on 18th November 2013
NOV 9, 2013

Ways to tackle writing block

It doesn’t matter how long you have been writing for, whether this is your first e-book or you have countless works of literature already published, there’ll .... read more
Created on 9th November 2013
OCT 23, 2013

5 easy ways to market your e-book

Watching the transformation from scruffy, raw material to popular page turner is one of the most exciting things out there for any writer and marketing is one of the most .... read more
Created on 23rd October 2013
SEP 13, 2013

3 stupidly simple tips for writing a book

Once upon a time writing the book was the easiest part of getting your work out there. The hard part was getting it published. How the tables have turned. Now, with the .... read more
Created on 13th September 2013
SEP 13, 2013

Hiring an editor – some hints and tips

Now you’ve finished your book I’m going to go ahead and guess that you’ve sent it off to a few publishers. If they rejected it, don’t worry too mu .... read more
Created on 13th September 2013
JUL 22, 2013

4 tips to publishing your own ebook

So you’ve come up with the best idea going for a new book. You think it will sell, and sell well. Where do you even start? Getting something published isn’t e .... read more
Created on 22nd July 2013
JUL 22, 2013

5 ways to become a better writer

So you have come up with a great idea for a new book. You’ve plotted everything out, from the initial chapter, to the characters end. The problem is you don’t .... read more
Created on 22nd July 2013
JUL 22, 2013

5 proofreading tips that you shouldn’t work without

If you have slaved away writing a book, a blog or anything else then you’re probably relieved that it’s over. Well don’t get too excited. It’s fi .... read more
Created on 22nd July 2013